The Tapstream Team

Tapstream is run by talented, friendly people that care about making app marketing better.

Michael Zsigmond

Chief Executive Officer

Jack of all trades, master of some. Mike combines his passion for mobile technology and business to spread the word about Tapstream.

Slaven Radic

Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Slaven thinks app marketing should be easy. Highlights of his day are talking to customers and fixing hard problems.

Ben Fox

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Ben is a lover of slick products and smart teams. He likes uptime and feature releases

Nick Sitarz

Lead Developer

Nick likes to hunker down and build for scale. A well-used API makes him happy.

Adam Bard

Senior Developer

I'm Adam. I have a beard. It keeps my face warm. I make websites. Now I help make them for Tapstream.

Lauren Ludwig

Operations Assistant

Operations Assistant, which means I handle a variety of office duties; I moved to Victoria from the USA recently & love it here.

Alain Vandendorpe

Developer & Operations Engineer

I think personal tech can still go a long way. Right now I'm working on monitoring and internal tools.

Mike Munroe

UX Developer

I'm into all things visual and interactive, namely design, illustration, games, and photography. I'm also half of MassHabit Games.