Mobile Revenue Acquisition

Tapstream provides free mobile install tracking for hundreds of mobile ad networks,
mobile web, and social, helping you find your most valuable users.


Drive paid, social, and organic users to your app


See your most profitable user acquisition campaigns and ad partners


Make more money by targeting only the best channels

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The last marketing SDK you'll ever install

Tapstream is network-agnostic, so you'll never install an ad network SDK again. Get started advertising with any ad network in minutes - without updating your app.

Track all user acquisition - not just paid promotion

Don’t end your UA with ad networks. Measure social's impact on your app installs, made even easier with Tapstream's HootSuite integration. Follow visitors from your website into your app. Test your ad creative and landers, and split-test campaign links - all built in to your Tapstream account.

One dashboard to rule them all

Tapstream breaks down all your metrics on per-campaign basis. See your conversion rate, engagement, and LTV for every channel. Measure how LTV varies between competing mobile ad networks, virally-acquired users, and even different social networks. All exposed in a simple Cohort Analytics report, making Tapstream’s dashboard your new best friend.