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App marketing starts with attribution — ideally, for free.

Find out which clicks or impressions were responsible for app installs, app engagement and even in-app purchases. Tapstream Attribution is completely free.

Tapstream automatically monitors installs and engagement from each of your marketing campaigns, on or off ad networks. Quickly find out your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) over 1, 3, 7 or 30 days or Lifetime Value (LTV) - all collected automatically.

And it’s fully compatible with iTunes Connect App Analytics - find all your Tapstream campaigns right inside your iTC dashboard.

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Word of Mouth

Transform your userbase into a powerful acquisition channel.

Your users are your best advocates. Word of Mouth is a drop-in app referral program that engages them to personally invite their friends to try your app.

Word of Mouth is built on top of Tapstream's attribution, so it goes well beyond your average user referral feature. Track the retention and ARPU of your viral channels, control your viral flow, and grow your userbase - no coding required.

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