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Convert more new installs into long-term users. Design, build, deploy, and test app install campaign landers in minutes, without I.T.

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Campaign Landers maximize new user engagement.

Don't waste time on app marketing campaigns for users that don't stick around. Use Campaign Landers to tie your app promos to a custom in-app experience, turning more new installs into engaged users

User clicks your campaign ad.

User installs your app.

User opens app, and sees your lander.

Design and deploy landers in minutes. No developer required.

Use the lander builder to create beautiful Campaign Landers in minutes:

  • Completely match your app's design with our fully featured builder
  • Use your own custom html
  • Use a custom URL and serve your own lander
  • Associate a single lander with multiple campaigns
  • Launch new landers without updating your app
  • Enable / disable landers without updating your app
  • MailChimp integration for email capture

Why app marketers love campaign landers

Campaign landers open up a world of new app promo possibilities:

  • Offer incentives such as:
    • in-app content
    • in-game currency
    • contest entries
  • Use landers for email capture
  • New user announcements
  • Test new offers and increase conversions
  • Enable highly-targeted ad creative

Get started in three easy steps!

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Simple integration, massive scale and industry-leading accuracy makes Campaign Landers an easy choice. Get in touch and see how Tapstream can lift your mobile ROI.

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