Onboarding Links let you treat every new user differently.

Don't give every new user the same in-app experience. Use Onboarding Links to preserve your users pre-install intent and offer a highly personalized experience. Speak directly to different users, and measure the results.

User clicks app banner while on your site

User installs your app

User opens app and is automatically taken to same content in app

Unify mobile web & mobile app experiences

Close the viral loop on shares and invites

Integrate your ecommerce links with your app

Use your own branded URL

Onboarding Links track installs, engagement and revenue

Each Onboarding Link tracks installs, engagement, and the resulting in-app revenue. Alternatively, set your own success metrics and measure what matters to you.

  • Per-link performance reports
  • Deferred Deep Link support for mobile ad networks
  • Cohort and funnel analysis
  • Automatic in-app revenue reporting, per link
  • Rich API access to all your data
  • Track website impressions with Tapstream's JavaScript
  • Drop-in SDKs for iOS 8, Android, PhoneGap, Unity, and other platforms

Onboarding Links love all mobile devices

Automatically send your visitors to the correct app store, landing page, or deep link, depending on their device. Your new users will always land at the right content.






Onboarding Links let you A/B test your new user experience

Pre-sell your app before users even get to the App Store. Test different messaging and landers and watch the results in real time.

When your users open your app for the first time, your app will know which treatment they received, and can show them the content they expect.

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Simple integration, massive scale and industry-leading accuracy makes Onboarding Links an easy choice. Get in touch and see how Tapstream can lift your mobile ROI.

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