Word of Mouth

Drop-in referral program for your app

Reward your users for each install of your app they generate. Word of Mouth lets you create powerful, measurable referral campaigns - no code changes needed.

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Launch referral campaigns without changing your app

Word of Mouth lets your user acquisition team deploy, measure, and edit referral campaigns, instantly. Generate and measure referrals via any channel.

Existing user shares with a friend.

Their friend installs your app.

New user opens app, original user is rewarded.





Custom channels

Measure your referral campaigns' installs, engagements, and revenue

Tapstream's rich reporting dashboard measures the value of your referral campaign. Get total visibility, from campaign impressions to downstream events.

  • Per-campaign performance reports
  • Cohort and funnel analysis
  • Automatic install and in-app purchase tracking
  • Works with iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Unity, and other platforms

Word of Mouth works with all mobile devices

No matter what kind of device your users' friends have, they'll be taken to the right app store to download your app.

Word of Mouth brings you better users for your app

Users referred by their friends from Word of Mouth campaigns have almost double the retention rate of users acquired from ad networks or cross-promotion advertisements, and drive a 30% increase in ROI for other campaigns.

  • Compatible with any attribution provider
  • Works with existing deep links for users who already have your app

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Drop-in integration, instant campaign setup, and massive scale make Word of Mouth an easy choice. Get started today.

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