Marketing apps is not hard

...if you have the right tool. Tapstream takes care of your user acquisition, whether you advertise or get users organically. It bridges the gap between clicks outside the app to what new users do inside the app.

Simply create Tapstream links to send visitors to your app via tweets, emails, blog posts, comments, or anywhere else links can go. We then tell you how many people click on each link, how many of those install your app, and how many of those new users actually engage or buy inside the app. All at zero cost.

And once you decide to start advertising, we support most of the world's mobile ad networks at some of the best rates you'll find anywhere. Power users can upgrade to our Advanced account to get direct API access, their own CNAME for redirect links, and lots more.

Social and viral marketing

Blogs and content marketing

Email campaigns

Inbound marketing

Landing pages

Built-in split tests

Click + impression tracking

Mobile ad networks

Some users are better than others

We slice and dice your referral data so you see which marketing sources are the most profitable, which of your links and ads have the highest ROI and how cohorts from different channels monetize over a long period of time. And if you're paying for advertising, we make sure you never get billed for the same user twice.

  • Install tracking for web and social
  • Revenue-per-link
  • Revenue-per-campaign
  • Engagement, ARPU, LTV
  • Funnel analysis
  • Cohort analytics
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Mixpanel integration
  • HootSuite integration
  • APIs to free your data
  • Simple to install, easy to use
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End your marketing headaches

Tapstream goes beyond click tracking to impression tracking: if you have a website, e-commerce site or a blog, use Tapstream JavaScript to instantly find out which visitors install your app, where they came from and what landing pages bring the most valuable users to your app.

Tapstream's single SDK works on all mobile platforms. It's light, accurate and fully Apple compliant. It takes minutes to integrate and is used by thousands of apps and games.

Going beyond simple attribution

Tapstream's massive data capacity allows our customers to go beyond simple download tracking. Use Tapstream links not just to acquire users, but also deep link them to a specific spot inside your app. Pass user information inside your marketing links and extend the reach of your CRM. Our API makes it simple.

And the marketer in you (or your team) will love how easy Tapstream is. Our simple-to-use dashboard makes creating and managing campaigns a cinch. Our integrated URL shortener lets your campaigns leave the confines of mobile ad networks so you can track your user acquisition anywhere URLs can be shared.

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Try us today with no risk: Tapstream has no Monthly Active Users (MAU) limits and works on thousands of marketing channels for free. Place Tapstream links anywhere you mention your app to get smarter and better at app marketing.

Still not convinced? Read how one of our customers used Tapstream to turn around his fortunes.

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