Tapstream privacy policy

Last revised: June 18, 2023

This document provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities for the collection, protection and use of information obtained by Tapstream Network Inc. ("Company", "We", "Us" and "Our") through Our proprietary analytics tracking solution called "Tapstream".

What Does Our Privacy Policy Apply to?

Company's privacy policy ("privacy policy") describes how We collect, use and disclose personal information (as defined below) that is collected directly by Us from users of Our products and services, such as Our customers and/or visitors to Our websites. The privacy policy does not apply to how We treat information obtained through Tapstream.

For the purposes of this document, We define "personal information" as any information about an identifiable individual.

What is Tapstream?

Tapstream is an analytics solution that helps operators ("Operators") of websites and apps (each is a "Product") to understand how users in aggregate (each group, an "End User Cohort") interacts with and uses their Products. Through a variety of proprietary data tagging and tracking tools (collectively, "Tags"), Tapstream collects data ("Tapstream Data") generated from End User Cohorts' interactions with, and uses of, Tags embedded by Operators in their Products.

Tapstream Data is made available by Company to Operators in the form of reports on how users of their Products interact with and use such Products. These reports do not identify End Users as Tapstream Data is collected anonymously.

How are Tags Used?

Tags are placed by Operators into the code of their Products. Tags do not collect or contain personal information of End Users.

Tags collect data that includes, amongst other things, the specific webpage or app associated with a Product; and device information, such as operating system's name and version.

Tapstream and Information Collection

Company obtains Tapstream Data through the use of Tags. Company does not collect and use End User personal information as a result of obtaining Tapstream Data.

Company is not responsible for any use of Tapstream Data by Operators including, but not limited to, any data that is in connection with their End Users.

Our services agreement with Operators, which each Operator must adhere to, mandates, amongst other things, that an Operator: (i) must comply with all applicable privacy laws; (ii) must have a privacy policy and a terms of service or license agreement for End Users that explains how the Operators collects and uses personal information and Tapstream Data; (iii) must obtain the express consent from End Users to the collection of Tapstream Data; and (iv) is prohibited from tracking or collecting personal information using Tapstream or from associating personal information that they otherwise collect with information collected through Tapstream.

Operators are responsible for the protection of the collection, retention and use of personal information of End Users. You should review the policies and agreements of the Operators of Products for which you use in order to understand how they apply to you.

Data Sub-processors

Tapstream Data is stored or processed using third party services. Those services are:

Data Retention

Tapstream Data that has been stripped of user identifiers will be stored for 2 years. You can request deletion of collected data at any time by contacting dpo@tapstream.com.

Data Access

You can request access to your information stored by Us. Upon receiving such a request, Company will: (i) obtain satisfactory proof to confirm your identity; (ii) inform you about what type of information it has on record or in its control, how such information is used and to whom the information may have been disclosed; (iii) provide you with access to your information so you can review and verify the accuracy and completeness and request changes to the information; and (iv) make any necessary updates to your information.

GDPR Compliance

Tapstream is GDPR compliant. GDPR inqueries can be sent by email to one of the following addresses:


Tapstream provides you with the ability to opt-out from Tapstream obtaining some, but not all, of the data that Tags may collect from You when you visit an Operator's website. This is done by Company placing a cookie on an End User's computer, tablet or mobile device. This cookie instructs Company's servers to not receive information about the End User's visit to the Operator's website. If you want to opt-out of such tracking, please visit this page: Tapstream on-page analytics opt-out system. You may request that Tapstream cease processing your data completely by emailing gdpr@tapstream.com