Using Onboarding Links with the Tapstream Android SDK

First, integrate the latest Android SDK.

Integration instructions for Android

Retrieving the user's attribution data

The Tapstream SDK allows you to interrogate Tapstream for events that the app install has recently completed.

  • Do not block on this mechanism. In most cases, a response is available to the SDK almost immediately, but in exceptional circumstances, it may take up to 10 seconds for the SDK to receive a response or return nil.
  • Initialize the Tapstream SDK as soon as possible. For best results, your app should initialize Tapstream as early as possible in the app session.

    :::java import org.json.JSONArray; import org.json.JSONException;


    Tapstream tracker = Tapstream.getInstance(); ApiFuture timelineFuture = tracker.getTimelineSummary(); timelineFuture.setCallback(new Callback(){

    public void success(TimelineSummaryResponse result) {
        if (result.isEmpty()){
            // No timeline data was available
        } else {
            String latestDeeplink = result.getLatestDeeplink();
            if(latestDeeplink != null){
                // Modify your application's behavior based on this deeplink.
                // Note: You will want to record that you've done this so as not to repeatedly
                // redirect this user.
    public void error(Throwable reason) {
        // The service is not available. You can interrogate reason for more info.