Rollup reports

Tapstream allows you to define and run reports on your aggregated data, grouped by dimensions that you define.

You can access the report builder by clicking on the Reporting button in your dashboard's main navigation.

Rollup reports are available on-demand. The data used to generate a rollup report will be anywhere from one to six hours behind real-time.

Preparing your report

Your rollup report will respect the date range you pick in the top-right of your dashboard. Configure the date range to cover the dates you're interested in.


In the Report Setup pane, define one or more Dimensions.

Tapstream will allocate counts of Metrics based on unique rows of these dimensions.

Available Dimensions are:

  • Campaign: The cohort's linked campaign
  • Event: The cohort's linked event
  • Campaign Parameter Name: The keys of any query string parameters that were present on the linked campaign
  • Campaign Parameter Value: The value of the query string key from Campaign Parameter Name
  • Event Parameter Name: The keys of any custom event parameters that were on the linked event
  • Event Parameter Value: The value of the custom event parameters from the Event Parameter Name
  • By Day: Group the data by day
  • By Month: Group the data by month


Results can be filtered with an exact, inexact, or regular expression match against the campaign name and event type name. Filters are defined with the Filter By controls. Results must match all filters in order to be counted.

Interpreting the results

When your report is configured, press Generate Report to get results. The results populate the Report table. The download button, to the top right of the table, allows you to download a CSV file containing these results.