Campaign link parameters

Tapstream reserves several query string parameter keys on campaign links, prepended by __ts. You can add values to these reserved keys to improve Tapstream's performance or alter its behavior.

You can also add an unlimited number of other parameters to campaign links. Key-value pairs (sometimes referred to as "sub IDs") that you add at click time to a Tapstream campaign link's query string will be saved, and if a conversion is generated, they will be available via all of Tapstream's APIs and its postback system.

In general, Tapstream forwards all query string parameters to the destination URL.

Reserved IDs

Tapstream reserves the following IDs:

__tspackage-name The advertised app's bundle ID or package name. Used for restricting conversions to installs of a particular target app.
__tsip A string-form IP address.
__tsredirect Set this to 0 to have Tapstream return a 200 OK response to your campaign link instead of a redirect. Used for server-to-server (asynchronous) click tracking.
__tsid A Tapstream session. Only respected if __tsoverride is set to 1.
__tsoverride Set to 1 to tell Tapstream to respect the value of the __tsid key.
__tstest Set to any value to tell Tapstream to use debug mode.