Website measurement

You can install the Tapstream JavaScript snippet on your website. Aggregate data recorded by Tapstream's JavaScript is available via the dashboard (under the Website tab).

The Tapstream JavaScript snippet automatically measures the effectiveness of your website at sending users to the App Store. If you use both website and campaign tracking then you must setup a custom domain.

Enter your Taptream account name below to get your snippet.

Tapstream tracking code generator

Optional customization

You can customize your integration of Tapstream's JavaScript by adding the following commands to the command queue before the trackPage command.

Custom parameters

You can add custom parameters to user timelines tracked by the JavaScript snippet. Custom parameters are available in Tapstream's Reporting tab, postbacks, and all Tapstream timeline and conversion lookup APIs.

_tsq.push(["addCustomParameter", "key", "value"]);

Override the page URL

If you want to override the URL of the JavaScript's hosting page, you can do so with the following:

_tsq.push(["setPageUrl", "some-other-url"]);

Disable page click reporting (not recommended)

By default, Tapstream counts the impressions on your pages, and clicks from your pages to the App Store or Google Play Store. To disable page click tracking, add the following:

_tsq.push(['setStoreLinkRewriting', false]);