Using a custom domain with Tapstream

If you want to brand your campaign links with your domain, it's easy to configure your Tapstream account to use a custom domain. This is especially useful for campaign channels that use the destination URL as an indication of quality, like Google AdWords or email marketing.

First, make a CNAME and point it to

For example, if your domain is, you might have as a CNAME to

Then, log in to your Tapstream account and look in the Configuration section of your Settings dropdown. Enter your custom domain here and press Save Changes. Once your CNAME is active and finished propagating, your custom domain should begin working immediately.

Note: For best results, and to ensure your campaign links play nicely with your Tapstream JavaScript, the subdomain that you add as a CNAME should be on the same domain as your website. So, if your website is, use, not

Your custom domain will now be available as an option whenever you create or edit a Tapstream campaign link, under the Campaign URL dropdown.