Using Word of Mouth with the Tapstream Mac SDK

First, integrate the latest Mac SDK.

Integration instructions for Mac

Tapstream Word of Mouth gives you the ability to track and reward users for sharing your app with a friend.

Try creating a Word of Mouth campaign to get a feel for how Word of Mouth offers are designed and presented.

You can use Word of Mouth on Mac by integrating two APIs. Before calling these APIs, ensure that the app session has initialized its Tapstream integration.

Both of these APIs are keyed on the Tapstream SDK-side session identifier and your Tapstream SDK secret. The SDK-side session identifier can be retrieved from the Tapstream config object. The Tapstream SDK secret is the secret you used to initialize the SDK, and can be found in your Account page.

Checking for offers

Use the Word of Mouth Offers API to retrieve a list of offers for which a given app session is eligible.

Checking for rewards

Use the Word of Mouth Rewards API to retrieve a list of rewards a given app session has earned.